I'm Masoud Abdan a Programmer a Developer a Graphic Designer a Programming Teacheran Article Author

 Ph.D Student at Ferdowsi University

Research Experience : Machine Learning | Network Security | Fault Tolerance | Internet of Things

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Rank 63th Ph.D Entrance Exam in Computer Engineering

My name is Masoud Abdan and I am the maneger of Salayan Programming Center. I am an accomplished coder and programmer, and I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day at Salayan. I graduated from the Ferdowsi university of Mashhad, Iran. My main skills are Web App ,  Android App and Windows Software development.

My Name:

Masoud Abdan


23 March 1989




I am migrating...

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Web Development
Windows Software
Andriod Development
Graphic Design
Network Solution


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1-Web App 2-Windows And Android 3-Graphic Design

My Articles

17 April 2021
Conference Article

Ant colony algorithm Energy optimization in wireless sensor network, The Second National Conference on Applied Research in Electrical, Computer and Medical Engineering

17 April 2021
Journal Article (Q1) – Under Review

Self-adaptive Intrusion Detection System for UAV-to-UAV Communications in UAV Networks (Under Review) _ journal of ambient intelligence and humanized computing

28 September 2019
Journal Article (Q2)- Revised

Machine Learning Methods for Intrusive Detection of Wormhole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET), Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (Revised)

28 September 2019
Conference Article

A comparative overview of MANET congestion control policies in smart cities, International Conference on Information Technology,Electronic Government and City

28 September 2019
Conference Article

The role of information technology (IT) in smart city management and e-government, International Conference on Information Technology,Electronic Government and City

26 September 2019
Conference Article

role Analysis of e-commerce in advancing the goals of the tourism industry in Iran, International Conference on Information Technology,Electronic Government and City

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